How to master life’s most powerful skill: Influence

Influence is one of the most powerful skills where you bring an impact on the behaviour of someone else. Influence is a situation that occurs due to some circumstance already occurred. We take decisions in an influence of something that has happened. We tend to acquire a similar environment where we live. This is because of the influence of others on you. You also have an effect on the behaviour of the person near you. But did you know, if you master the actual skill influence, you will hold the most powerful ability within you.

The power of influence

A sincere leader has the power of influence. If your actions bring a change in others, you own the power of influence. If you are exceptionally potent at leading and influencing people, you have mastered the remarkable skill. However, it isn’t easy to learn the power of influence. It takes time and practice to lead the substantial talent.

Factors that lead to developing influential skills

A number of skills together constitute the development of influential skills. A person good at communication but with no reasoning skills cannot attain the influential skills. Thus, one requires a lot of practice over communication and reasoning skills, Assertiveness skills, interpersonal skills and interaction abilities to build his strength over influence.

Communication skills

Influencing occurs when you converse with a person. Thus, you can influence someone only when you communicate with them. Communication not just involves speaking up your thoughts to someone but equally includes the readiness to listen. Thus, the mixture of speaking conversationally, examining, conveying your ideas with energy and enthusiasm simultaneously with the approach of listening to the person establishes one’s communication skills.

Reasoning skills

Ability to probe and display the same visually, finding alternatives to an obstacle, thinking logically, interpreting and giving logical explications proceeds with reasoning skills. Thus, one should be able to communicate his thoughts with logical reasons to influence the other person.

Assertive skills

While you state your opinions, your words should come out with confidence. If you aren’t yourself clear about what you are stating or aren’t presumptuous on your reasoning, it’s hard to influence people. Thus, one should inevitably be assertive, persisting and accomplish confidently. Use a compelling voice tone while conversing. One should be able to command others with legitimate authority without being tactless harsh or oppressive. However, while you communicate, your body language, facial expressions, confidence gestures adds a lot to your influence. Being extra ordinally perfect in all of them is another factor towards leading good influential skills.

Interpersonal skills

Having interpersonal skills discover your ability to be social, friendly and constitute close relationships. One should be able to show authentic interest in others, have an understanding for what other value, staying sensitive to others’ feelings, building compassionate relationships and trust, and finally the strength to support and encourage people. A combination of all these extraordinary compelling skills helps you win the power of influence.


Communication is essential for interaction and cannot be just one sided. Interact with people to help you influence others. This is a skill where you make an agreement and get the cooperation of people in a unified sense towards a particular objective. Interaction also involves the ability to fixing conflicts. You should be able to reach to the solutions that others can accept. Hold the power to negotiate or bargain. Moreover, interaction should also be a zeal to ask others for favours as well as do favours to others.

People find influencers to promote their businesses. A combination of these factors will help you find influence. Mastering the skill of influence is still not easy. A decent combination of these factors with due practice is the only way to comprehend life’s most powerful skill.

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