LCBO raises funds for Threads of Life

If today is an average work day in Canada, three people will not return home from their jobs. Thousands more will be seriously injured or become ill because of their work. And family members, friends and co‐workers will be left grieving, angry and confused.

The Association for Workplace Tragedy Family Support, known as Threads of Life, supports those affected by a workplace tragedy. Starting July 16, the public can help support Threads of Life by making a donation at any of the 660 LCBO stores throughout Ontario. Donation boxes for Threads of Life will be displayed at LCBO checkout counters until August 12.

Threads of Life offers hope and healing for families affected by a workplace fatality, traumatic life‐altering injury, or occupational disease. It supports more than 2,500 family members across Canada. In Ontario, LCBO donations will be used to provide one‐on‐one peer support and a weekend forum that families can attend to share their experience and learn healthy coping skills.

“The funds raised through the LCBO coin box program make a significant difference in the lives of family members affected by workplace tragedies,” says Shirley Hickman, Executive Director, Threads of Life. “We are so grateful to LCBO customers and staff for their generosity.”

“As a socially responsible community‐minded retailer, LCBO is pleased to partner with Threads of Life and a variety of other worthy causes through the Giving Back In Our Community fundraising program,” says George Soleas, President & CEO, LCBO. “Through the generosity of LCBO customers and the support of our staff, we help improve the lives of countless Ontarians and make a difference in communities across the province.”

Threads of Life is one of 28 provincial and numerous local charities that will benefit from LCBO’s province‐wide donation box program in 2017. In fiscal 2016/17, LCBO raised a total of $13.3 million for charities through in‐store fundraising, special programs and initiatives.

Threads of Life thanks the public for its support when shopping at their local LCBO store from July 16 to August 12.

— Susan Haldane

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