How to improve your home with a tight budget

Owning your own home is every person’s dream. You’ve searched endlessly through estate agents, endured multiple mortgage meetings and absolutely exhausted. However, you did it! You are the very proud owner of a home. While you may have managed to secure a place on that lucrative property ladder, your property may still not be the home of your dreams. But don’t worry here are some ingenious ways you can create the home of your dreams without having to break the bank!

Start with some key rooms. The kitchen and bathroom are key rooms of the home. They are the most used rooms aside from the bedrooms and living room. Improving your kitchen and bathroom is also a great way to add value to your property. If you wish to resell your property at any point these rooms are points of interest to any potential buyer.

With the kitchen sometimes it may be the little things such as painting your kitchen cupboards, or even replacing the countertops to make the kitchen feel ultra modern. If you cannot afford to pay for brand new kitchen tops you can wrap your old tops with a vinyl alternative. Not only should you be changing the cupboard doors and countertops, you could add a splashback. You may be worried that adding a splashback will be very costly. However, if you forego traditional glass or tile you could save a lot of money. Cut my plastic offers a great range of acrylic splashback options. Acrylic is much stronger than glass meaning your splashback will be able to take any kitchen antics that cause damage. Acrylic splashbacks can be cut down to any shape or size, with acrylic available in a wide range of colours you won’t regret including a splashback in your kitchen.

Repaint your home. Now, this may seem very obvious, however, most people forget how much a fresh coat of paint can do. By repainting your home it will give it a great new feeling. Painting is a very low-cost way of making some home improvements without having to spend a lot of money. Not only is it a cheap way to see some instant results painting is easy enough that it can be done by you! Get your friends and family involved and you’ll have your whole home painted in no time. Choose colours you love and that will match your furniture. With paint try and go for colours, which will optimize your light flow. By choosing colours that will optimize light, your rooms will appear bigger than they actually are. Who doesn’t want more space even if it is just an illusion?

Add accessories around your home. Accessorising is a great way for you to put your mark on your home. Let your personality shine through, add some cosy cushions and throws to create a homely feel you’ll be happy to come back to every day. Add texture to your rooms, texture is a huge trend right now you could even knit your own throws. Making some DIY accessories is a great way to save money and you can show off all your projects to your friends. Finally, include scented candles around your home. Why? Scented candles create a truly homely feel and who doesn’t want their home to smell great?

These simple home improvements will help you create a space you are proud of. You don’t need to worry about overspending as you can do most of these projects by yourself. Just make sure you take your safety into account, no one wants to lose any finger!

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