How to have a flawless open house

You may well have spotted a dream house in a perfect location for you and your family, and are all set to head off to pastures new and turn another dream into a reality. There may well be other reasons for wishing to move somewhere else, of course, and you may have already placed a successful offer. Before all of that can happen, though, you have to get someone else to buy the house you’re currently in, unless you have a huge flow of capital hiding under the mattress.

Open-House-FIThrowing an open house event can be the best way to achieve this on a relatively short notice, rather than letting a listing sit on the markets for months on end and hoping that a suitable offer will fly in and you can suddenly pack all your things. With an open house, you can make the process happen much faster, but this will only happen if you have the kind of house that other people are looking for. To make this happen, it is worth considering what aspects may be most important to other people to promote quicker decisions and hopefully close a sale.

Keeping your house clean may sound obvious, but first impressions are everything. Take out the trash, and dust all the hallways. Straighten up the artwork, and look to take care of any blemishes that are most likely to be noticed. If there are some bits of décor flaking off, pop down to your local DIY store and get some sample pots of paint, touching up any black spots. The same applies for wallpaper, and anything too gaudy may be worth removing.

After all, those who come to your house would like to imagine themselves in it with a vision of how they would like it to look. If the house is too full of garish additions, it could well be hugely off-putting. Windows and lighting should be considered, and rooms that seem too dim and dark may not lend themselves to wonder. Freshening up the windows and giving them all a new coat of varnish on the panes could help them to stand out. If some are beyond a quick alteration, consider investing in full height shutters as a great way to let in more light and add a stylish feel.

Before the day comes, make sure you get the word out. Pass out flyers, ask you
r local shopkeepers if you can advertise in the windows, and ask your friends to pass on the message to their coworkers.

For the day itself, maintaining a friendly and welcoming ambience could be key to having a great open house showing. Some relaxing but upbeat music and a small selection of snacks can potentially help visitors imagine what it might be like to welcome their own guests and get a feel for how that might be.

When planning on throwing a flawless open house, get the basics right and think about how everybody else might like to find your house. That could be the difference between moving the next day and waiting half a year.

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