GoFundMe benefits for sports groups and charities

An article by Shawn Andrews in October 2016 focused on kindness and how a campaign on GoFundMe can impact fundraising for groups or individuals. Several inspiring stories are displayed on the site that has assisted different sports groups in their quest to increase funding, whether it is for new equipment, or to allow for fees to be paid for lower income or inner city families. This type of fundraising is perfectly suited for those who reside in inner-city low-income developments as most of those have limited funds, and it allows for the kids to reap the benefits of sports and sports participation.

A recent campaign on GoFundMe was conducted by a granddaughter of Everett Schlegel, a WWII vet who is 97. Helen reached out to the GoFundMe website in hopes of securing sufficient funds in the hope of sending her granddad to the World Series this year with the goal set at $10,000. Schlegel’s compelling story starts off when Jim Schlegel was overjoyed returning home after World War II in time to watch his team, the Chicago Cubs, participate in the World Series of 1945. Oh yes, it still is a precious memory for 97-year-old Schlegel who attended Game Seven, and he kept his ticket stub all these years.betting-odds-baseball-fi

Helen, his granddaughter, had one wish, and that was to get him to attend this year’s World Series. And her hope was to get enough cash together to get the 97-year-old veteran to Wrigley Field.

The campaign was such a success, that within days it exceeded her original goal of collecting $10,000. The magical part was that Camping World, as well as the star of CNBC’s The Profit, Marcus Lemonis, was searching at the time for a Cubs fan to share front-row seats with him. When he read Helen’s request, he immediately responded by offering his tickets free of charge. The money raised for the campaign was then donated to the Purple Heart Foundation and Marcus Lemonis matched that amount, thereby raising $25,600.

Baseball – A Divine Connection for Sport Fans

Sports enthusiasts can follow their team’s progress all through the season by reading about it in the newspapers, Internet, or by simply watching the news on television, desktop or smartphones. Those belonging to a sportsbook will be updated regularly by email and once accessing their betting accounts all the latest statistics are already compiled. The statistical part displayed on most sports betting sites not only offer members the results of games played by specific teams but also the statistics on each player’s progress.

Looking back to sports centuries ago, no one would have believed that modern-day technology would make it that much easier to know your team’s ability, progress and have the statistics for all teams participating. Plus, fans can bet on game outcomes and a long list of other bets, all contributing towards making the game even more interesting and fans have plenty more reasons to look forward to major events such as World Series, World Cup and other annual matches.

While the book Divine Connections is focused on what defines a person life, many would add sports to the mix. Words from that book that are most appropriate are those explaining that people forget what they have or had and that takes the value of it away. This veteran fan most certainly valued his sports experience and kept its value close to his heart while saving the ticket stubs of the 1945 World Series. The love people have for baseball is also mentioned in “The Legacy of Socrates: Essay in Moral Philosophy.”

While researching the impact of sports on sports enthusiasts’ lives (and not so much the sports stars themselves), I stumbled across Michael Rudd’s article regarding the “Impact of Sports Betting.” The article reminds me of how much easier it is to follow your favourite team with the new technology we currently have, including television, radio and smartphones. What became interesting is the impact of sports and gambling and it became clear that it is much deeper than just winning or losing: It is a passion that keeps the young excited and the old young at heart. And in the case of Everett Schlegel, it brought out compassion for others, let alone respect for what they have given society. It is clear that sports have a far greater role than simply being a game, and the positives that come as a result simply cannot be denied.

— Dylan Moran

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