The future of social gaming

There was a time when there was a distinction between ‘gaming’ and ‘social gaming’ and everyone knew the difference. Gaming was simply the act of playing an electronic game, sometimes with a stationary console and other times via a mobile device. Social gaming was the way in which multiplayer games were played, typically over an Internet connection and mostly over a long-distance.

The two are merging and social gaming itself is the future of gaming. New trends are quickly developing in social gaming and it is these trends that will define the future of games, the internet and also how we interact with and play against others.

Play Your Way – Play to Win

Of course, one of the really exciting aspects of social gaming is the way in which players interact with each other. They are obviously competing against each other, unless in a team platform, and so they will work to control the game while chatting with other players they are competing against. Being social doesn’t mean giving over the win to other players, it simply means a bit of friendly competition if you will. This is one aspect of social gaming that is taking us forward to a new evolution in multiplayer games.

Fair Game

Another unique aspect of social gaming is that the playing field is equal across the board, for all players. No automated level to “beat” or an impossible baddie to dispatch with in order to win. You are simply pitted with your gaming skills against others – and there is always a genuine winner.

Real Life in Real Time

One of the most revolutionary new gaming sites is called Betomania which is the absolute perfect blend of a social game and a trading platform. Players can download the Betomania app for iOS or Android and play from literally anywhere they are, much like committed gamers who keep their mobile apps up and running to follow their top games and play and chat on the go. In this way, they can make in-the-moment decisions to take up a challenge and keep their place in a tournament. This multiplayer game is played in real time against real players and the winner takes the jackpot.

Real Competition

What’s really exciting is that you can follow real market movements on assets (like Google or crude oil) in real time and compete with other players as to which way the asset will move, what the winning direction will be and how many Betomania chips will be won or lost as the game currency and signify the winner or loser of the game.

Real Cash

But there is a real cash aspect too – that jackpot is real!  This makes it exciting on at least two levels! You are learning about asset movements and the stock markets, while also playing a game of strategy against other players in an effort to take the cash jackpot and win Betomania chips.

The Poker Analogy

The best way to describe the social strategy of the fast paced Betomania is to make an analogy to poker. Yes, it’s a game of skill but it’s also highly social in that you need to learn to read your opponents. Your strategy when playing a hand of poker is to take the skill you have and then wager based on your ‘reading’ of the other players at the table. It’s where skill and strategy intersect. Betomania is like that. Let’s say you are in a room that is forecasting movement in a major of assets, like BMW or Facebook. You can chat with other players, learn from them, get their view points and have a good laugh or two on the chat feature – just like you would chat around the table at your local casino waiting for the dealer to shuffle and deal.

This is the best example of the future of social gaming. Players want to play for the win. They want to play it their way but they want to interact with other players sometimes just to be social and other times to learn from them while building a strategy. By far the biggest advantage is that social gaming is literally made by the people and for the people.  Social gamers want a real chance to play against real players and win – not get played by the house and lose. Social gaming is a place to have fun, lots of it, but a place to win big as well.

Social gaming gives players a chance to have fun while building a unique strategy that can carry over into real life in real time. That’s the future of social gaming and, with Betomania, – the future is here.

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