Yes, the Sunshine List still matters

Once a year the Ontario government releases the names and salaries of government employees earning a taxpayer-funded salary of over $100,000. And like clockwork, critics complain that the $100,000 threshold for this “Sunshine List” is inappropriate. The main arguments are ...

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Fukushima-style event at Pickering?

A Fukushima Disaster at Pickering could lead to 26,000 cancers and $125 billion in lost home values Seven years ago, a runaway triple nuclear meltdown at the Fukushima Nuclear Station in Japan occured. The effects of this catastrophe continue today. ...

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Megan makes noise, Putin makes sense

An attempted assassination by NBC news poodle Megan Kelly quickly mired down in mock interrogation as she hammered the Russian leader with snide and unanswerable questions. It was the major-media equivalent of a How often do you beat your wife ...

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February Toronto Police Accountability Bulletin

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Toronto Police Accountability Bulletin No. 107, February 7, 2018. This Bulletin is published by the Toronto Police Accountability Coalition (TPAC), a group of individuals and organizations in Toronto interested in police policies and procedures, and in making police more accountable ...

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Wynne’s soaring hospital electricity bills

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) is disappointed with the Ontario government’s response to our ongoing campaign to show how high electricity bills are hurting hospitals. Documents obtained by the CTF through Freedom of Information requests and released over the course ...

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Toronto pilots new smart-traffic-signal tech

Mayor John Tory announces the City of Toronto is launching two smart traffic signal pilot projects to test the latest technology in smart traffic systems. These systems are more effective than traditional traffic signals because they are able to independently ...

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