Black woman, white profile exposes online dating racism

online datingHadiya Rodrique’s unpleasant experience on an online dating platform has all but given further proof that the roots of racism happens even on certain popular online dating sites. However, that is not the case with the Cams site as the issue of racism in dating is completely non-existent and models are open to the idea of interacting with users without holding anything back regardless of their race. According to Hadiya Rodrique, a beautiful black lady of 36 years and studying for her PhD, her attractive looks have always got her countless male admirers. This she believes made her friends to convince her to convince her to create a dating account online. In Rodrique’s own words, “When you conduct interviews with people, they generally express that they are happy to date outside their race.”

However, after receiving just a few messages within a week, she replaced her picture with that of her light-skinned friend and—voila!—it worked magic. She had countless messages within a single day of using her friend’s picture. After her experience, she had this to say, “I think people are really reluctant to reach out across a racial divide.” According to her, things even got better when she made digital alterations to a picture of her to give her a Caucasian look and posted it online. She was overwhelmed by the number of messages that she got from guys all over the world.

In an interview on CTV’s Your Morning Wednesday, Rodrique gave details of her experience and had this to say about her decision to use her friend’s image instead, “We are about the same height and weight and similar attractiveness, so I asked if she was willing to be my guinea pig.” Rodrique then made Jessica, her friend to dress exactly as she had done and wearing the same cloths that she wore. To her utmost surprise, the picture of Jessica got her more messages than when she used her own dark-skinned picture and also when she altered her picture to give herself a Caucasian look.

In other not to leave any room for doubt, Rodrique said she decided to make the experiment very authentic and therefore went ahead to alter her own image making her appear Caucasian. The new profile with her altered picture made instant impact as her inbox was filled with over 60 new messages some days later. Asked why she decided to alter her picture, she said it was a way to ensure that critics will not get the chance to claim that her experiment is skewed in any way by arguing that Jessica might have been prettier than her. Commenting on her Caucasian profile, she had this to say, “She was the most popular of all,” and even men who she had messaged using the profile with her dark skin picture and never got a response started messaging her instantly.

“You always wonder what it is like on the other side and I lived it and found out. I was not expecting the difference to be that stark.” This experiment has further given proof to Rodrique that dark-skinned people are better off dating offline rather than to go and waste their time on online dating sites. The struggle is real but it seems most people would rather deny it than agree to its existence. Racism goes very deep and Rodrique’s online dating experiment further helps in throwing more light on the ugly images of racism. However, if having an account on Tinder doesn’t provide you with the results that you need, you can always try AFF.

Before Rodrique left CTV, she had this to say, “I think that people say one thing but act another way behind the secrecy and safety of their computer. You would like to think that you are being seen as a person, but this (experiment) was a signal that I wasn’t.” Although Rodrique’s experience can be seen as an unfair treatment of her, it is the exact truth of what is actually happening in the world right now. People of colour are being marginalized on a daily basis and the earlier something drastic and appropriate is done the better it will be for the survival of humans. It is about time we all joined forces to say “no to racism” by our actions and not only our words.

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