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Are you a nature lover willing to explore the vast bounties of Mother Nature? Or do you want to enjoy a great vacation with your family? Whatever may your requirement be, Canada is sure to fulfill all your desires. From the elegant Canadian Rockies to the stunning Horseshoe Falls and everything in between, Canada is a dream destination for vacationers. But what often makes it difficult for the vacationers to enjoy and explore Canada to its fullest is their budget constraint. But not to worry as here we will present to you some of the best things to do in Canada, and what’s best is that they are absolutely free! Yes, you read it right. These attractions are totally free. Let’s take a quick look at them.

Hiking — If you love adventure on road, then Canada is sure to be a lottery win for you. A huge network of trails run across the entire country, providing around 11,000 miles of hiking opportunity—the perfect dream-come-true for hiking lovers.

Visiting Alberta’s West Edmonton Mall – Even if you do not want to spend money shopping, Alberta’s West Edmonton Mall is a must visit. Why? Well, because you get the unique opportunity to explore a pirate ship, be an audience to an enthralling dolphin show and feel the thrill of watching submarines being sunk into the lagoon. The Galaxy Kids Playpark, located close by, offers unlimited free fun for your little ones.

Visit the Hatley Castle — Located in Victoria, B.C., the Hatley Castle has been the home to several important Canadian institutions, including the Royal Canadian Naval College. A free entry museum will allow the visitors to delve deeper into the history of the building through interpretive displays, images, and mementos.

The Eureka Festival — If you are spellbound by the wonders of science or have kids along with you, you mustn’t miss the Eureka festival. Organized every year, this festival brings together scientists, science enthusiasts and loads of fun and interesting activities that people of all age groups are sure to like. And all this, totally free!

Jane’s Walk — If you are an inhabitant of Canada or an international tourist willing to know Canada to its heart, then the Jane’s Walk is the perfect choice for you. Various walks are organized across various provinces and allow the participants to explore the region very closely.

Sound and light show – Another thrilling experience for the visitors to Canada is the light and sound show – the Northern Lights – held on the Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ontario every year during July-September. The show takes the audience on an enthralling journey of Canada’s rich history and its advancements over the ages.

Visit the Queen Elizabeth Park – If you love to savor the beauty of a vast collection of flora and fauna, then a trip to the Queen Elizabeth Park is a must. Panoramic views, exotic plants, beautiful sculptures, and other recreational facilities ensure that the visitors can spend a good time without paying a dime.

Apart from the above-mentioned attractions, Canada offers numerous other options to explore. If you have some free time, you can try your luck by playing on line casino for real money and maybe win some cash for the trip. This will, undoubtedly, be the best opportunity for you to explore Canada to its fullest.

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