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For over 17 years, Toronto Centre-Rosedale has been my home. I work at St. Michael's Hospital and I own a pet supply business in the St. Lawrence Market area. I love our community and want to help ensure that we continue to invest in its diversity and growth. The diversity of our neighbourhoods reflects the diversity of our children. Our schools should therefore reflect our communities in curriculum, programming, and elected representation. Urban schools should respond to urban needs. I believe that we need to think of schools as the heart of our communities. We should invest in education to ensure that young people can, in turn, invest in their communities' future. In order for downtown neighbourhoods to thrive, we need to offer incentives for young families to live and raise their children downtown. Schools are important not only for parents and children, but for anyone who cares about the future of downtown. If young families are forced to move to suburban areas, then we will all suffer – economically and socially.

Can income-splitting split families?

Chris Moise – As we now know, the Harper Conservative government has decided to forge ahead with an income-splitting scheme in order to provide “tax relief for families.” Or so Harper would have us believe. Just this past February, Harper’s former ...

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