A brief history of Online Games development

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The continued development of technology is making online games more vivid and exciting, and this certainly is a pleasure for gamers the world over. But do you know about the history of online games as well as their developments year to year? Well, in this article we will cover a topic specifically for online games lovers and for anyone interested in gaming to increase our knowledge about the history from the beginnings of online games. Each item described here is based on a variety of sources, not merely listening to stories.

The first heyday of online games was started when Ultima Online, Asheron’s Call and EverQuest had no rivals. Those three online games were inspiring programmers to develop online games in general.

The first competition took place in May 2001- April 2002. Those three online games sold poorly. In Ultima Online’s case, low sales were caused by Electronic Arts cancelling a deal to make Ultima Online 2, the second version of Ultima Online. The decision was a big disappointment among so many online games lovers. The cancellation was caused by a capital problem. Electronic Arts focused on its efforts in spreading first Ultima Online all over Asia, such as Japan, Korea, Indonesia, India, and so forth. At this period, most of Ultima Online lovers changed their hunting to other new online games that were coming.

By 2003, the competition was more crowded due to the wave of newcomer games such as Dark Age of Camelot, World War II Online, Motor City Online, etc. Old online games were trying to keep their costumers among newcomers’ attacks. The newcomer wave was growing until the last quarter of 2004. Along with Warcraft’s emergence, the number of online games player were increasing rapidly. It was the start of an online game revolution.

We should know that the trends related to the film industry also affect the online games’ trends. The emerging of some myth-based films like Sparta and Lord of the Rings creates productions of some myth-based online games like the Lord of the Rings Online, Soul of the Ultimate Nation, and the most popular one, Stormfall Age of War, one of Plarium games. Some online games were transforming into what called “money sources.” Every player can trade the collected points, weapons and facilities with other players and gets the money. That is the big difference between conventional games and online games. The online games can provide more benefits instead of providing enjoyable gaming activities only.

Now, playing online games is becoming easier. We no longer need to use complicated browsers—as we did in the past. We can use our regular browser and even we don’t need to pay any money! By looking for more info at various games forums available on the Internet, we can know what recommended online games providers are. We can find a lot of new friends all over the world. As long as we have Internet connection, we can play so many online games anytime and anywhere.

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