5 European cities that should top every traveler’s list

From Italy and Germany to the England and France, European countries are full of dynamic cities recognized for restaurants, museums, architecture, and nightlife, so determining which one to stopover on a trip can be tough. That’s why we have considered these aspects – as well as feedbacks – to sum up, the best travel havens in Europe. Also, when you are done exploring the beauty that Europe has on offer, get the best rates for flights to book Lufthansa flights to India through any of the travel giants like Yatra.

Here are five must-see European cities, courtesy of the professional travel team at Yatra.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana is old and ancient. This Roman outpost is exclusively 2,000-year-old and is now an astonishingly green city, traveler-friendly, and compact and eventually filled with lots of love and life. Find the castles, cobbled streets, and squares you would expect, sure, but do not be amazed to unearth a whirring nightlife (natives like to celebrate hard) as well as one of Europe’s most liberal contemporary art scenes.

What Makes It Special:

  • Ljubljana is a university space cherished by backpackers, which means that restaurants, bars, attractions, and cafes are pocket-friendly
  • Ljubljana’s city center is amazingly green and covered with pedestrian-friendly pavements with extremely confined car traffic
  • With a number of modern galleries and the Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova, Slovenia is an amazing capital of contemporary art

Tallinn, Estonia

Although it has accomplished popularity for its cuddled-up Christmas market, Tallinn is exclusively a spectacular place to take a trip year-round. Yes, Tallinn has all the beautiful charms you would expect, but with startling twists by way of appealingly modern eateries and shiny new skyscrapers, it stands out from various other Baltic cities. Energetic and artsy, suffused with young backpackers, Tallinn is a special and pocket-friendly escape.

What Makes It Special:

  • This UNESCO-authorized medieval surrounded city is exclusively straight out of a myth, furnished with cobbled pavements and rebuilt residences back to the 11th century
  • Despite its compressed size, Tallinn has the party destination of a much bigger city, particularly in its Bohemian-essence cafes and bars
  • Tallinn has more than a few curiosity outlets specializing in different Soviet-era trinkets

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik is a vacation town famed the planet over. It is situated on the southern edge of Croatia, along with the Adriatic Sea. Although its winding pavements and walls of the ancient city catch number of visitors (primarily of the yachting type) in the time of summer, it is still an amazing place, enveloped with history and art museums, photographic spots and some of the best beaches in Europe.

What Makes It Special:

  • While still lately unexplored, Croatia’s wine arena is best discovered at one of Dubrovnik’s several hips and vying wine bars
  • Banje Beach is the nearest beach to the Old Town. It is the perfect space to capture a beautiful sunset as you look towards the Adriatic
  • Have the sky-high ride with the cable car to Srd Hill’s top for an exceptional view in all magnitudes of both the sea and Dubrovnik

Krakow, Poland

Krakow manages to be one of Europe’s most thrilling and active place as well as Poland’s most solemn historical destination. The Schindler factory, museums, and the remains of the Jewish Quarter speaks Poland’s history, and at the same moment, Main Market Square and the Old Town overflow with trendy clubs, cafes, and outlets.

What Makes It Special:

  • Krakow’s Old Town is crammed with decidedly trendy restaurants, boutiques, bars, and cafes.
  • Krakow is exceedingly walkable, and its public areas beside the Vistula River have lots of biking and walking paths to relish
  • Discover the sedate history of the place and specifically its Jewish population at some memorials, museums, and the Schindler Factory

Kotor, Montenegro

This Montenegrin city is at once thrilling and romantic. From the territory of its old city walls to the historical monuments and primitive homes within, Kotor’s interests are unmatched, best complemented by a backdrop of a beautiful blue bay.

What Makes It Special

  • With abrupt mountains and a broad domain of amazing gulf waters, Kotor’s ambiance is among the most sensational in all of Europe
  • The town walls were constructed amid the 9th and 14th centuries exclusively creating a secure loop around the place, are a great excursion
  • Kotor’s cuisine is influenced by Italy, excessive on seafood and best followed by the enticing local wine

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