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Canada always seems to wait for the guest within or outside the boundary of their region for casinos. The growing popularity of these games here had turned many of the destinations into full-fledged resorts offering restaurants, spas, sophisticated hotels and above all those eye popping floors of casino that have always arrested your interest. Canada is called as a heaven for all casino lovers. Sheraton on the Falls Hotel is one of the popular destinations for those who share passion towards casino. If you are among those who carve to visit and play in the best casinos then the five best casinos here could occupy the maximum space among your true vacation destination. The best parts about these places are they are magnificent either by the cultural heritage or by the natural beauty of that place.

There are many travel services that offers you the most meticulously planned and luxurious way to travel to these places. The offers they come along with are awe-inspiring, turnkey and aim towards providing high value experience. No matter by which means you are travelling, if you want turn it memorable then travel agency at Canada offers luxurious travel opportunities for you to enjoy. No matter how you are travelling by train, helicopter, by luxurious car or by flight. They know the best way to turn it luxurious for you.

The top 5 casinos of Canada that you should never miss are as follows:

British Columbia based River Rock Casino Resort- this biggest gaming destination is located in the shores of magnificent Fraser River located in the heart of Western Canada. You can understand the extend of this Resort is upto 70,000 square feet with a specially designed poker room in which 14 tables are placed along with Dogwood Club for VIP people and 900 slot machines. It has restaurants of 260 buffet seats with the Racetrack where you can enjoy betting with that pub environment, drinks and food. The other facilities including spa, suite, and signature curved elevators and many more things that you can enjoy with that special glass of wine.

Alberta River Cree Resort and Casino- this resort has not only the grand casino but also a huge hockey centre and the luxurious measures could be seen here. You can enjoy your games over 39 games table along with 1000 slot machines. How one can forget to tap 25, the horses, popular off-track betting venue with dining too. You also get a special poker room for high stake and apart from that you can enjoy drinks at upscale Centre Bar, dinner at the famous Kitchen Buffet Bistro and many more.

Ontario Caesars Windsor Hotel & Casino- this resort comes with a flag and that unique Ambassador Bridge which is just a mile away. Almost gamer from both side of border are attracted towards this resort. You can enjoy the hugest 10,000 square feet fitness centre here along with Esthetica spa for both gender guests. The whole resort is full of Artistic sculptures and paintings. Steak food, seafood with Romanesque is among the specialty of here. The 14 tabled poker room along with gaming tables and electronic slots of casino compliment to the demand of this resort.

Ontario Casino Niagara- as the name Niagara suggests, the biggest attraction of this place is the waterfall next to which this casino is made. You can get the 95,000 square feet casino space here with 40 gaming tables and 1,500 slots. The poker room comprises of 12 tables and you can enjoy the facility of pre reservation in the seats. You can enjoy the game in the 26HDTV in the other sport section. Dine with special steak food is too popular here. It’s better than you plan beforehand and do prior reservation before visiting this resort.

Quebec Casino de Montreal- if you are really planning to visit this resort then fill your lungs with excitement as full five floors are booked for games and yes it is the largest casino in this universe. The number of slot machine here is 3,000 with 100 gaming tables. The biggest attraction here is the special 18 poker tables. During the tournament of Texas Hold’em tournament the highest hand earns bonus. During the program Casino privileges Club; members could earn and spend points to repay their hotel expenses of any kind through Casino. Casino lovers call this place as a heaven for them.

If you want any more information related to casino and the best way to reach and connect them then the advisable way is to visit casino.com where ample of information regarding them is available. Canada is not only rich with its natural beauty but these casino resorts also turn them too popular. Every year Canada records highest number of tourist visits due to these Casinos. If you too are planning to visit here don’t forget to do prior reservation for hassle free enjoyment!

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