3 free entertaining slot machines to play in February

For an outsider, a slot machine is about winning big. Those who’ve never played the slots can’t imagine how their fans can enjoy playing these repetitive games, sometimes for hours at a time. Those with an affinity for such games know, in turn, that the games themselves, as well as the state of mind they help players achieve, can be a relaxing and entertaining activity – if they choose the right game. Playing the slots doesn’t have to be about money – millions of players engage in social variants of the game with no real money involved day after day, knowing that hitting the jackpot will only boost their morale, not their bank account. Playing the slots is fun—and playing these upcoming Royal Vegas casino slot machines will be even more fun, once they will be released this February.

Fruit vs. Candy

Delicious or healthy—this is an eternal debate. Microgaming, the online gambling pioneer based in the Isle of Man, has decided to settle it once and for all, at least when it comes to slot machines. The “Fruit vs. Candy” slot machine will allow its players to choose which one of the two options appeals most to them and play with their preferred version of the game. If they change their minds in the process, players can always switch to the other option.

No matter which one of the two delicious options they might choose, the game remains just as much fun to play. Their choice will, in turn, influence the benefits they will receive once they trigger the game’s Free Spins.

Secret Romance

February is a significant month for many but it’s most significant for those in love: on February 14th—Valentine’s Day—the whole world celebrates romance, friendship, and love. Microgaming has decided to celebrate the warmest feeling of them all with the release of a brand new video slot machine called Secret Romance. As you might expect, the game will look all romantic, with love letters, masks, rose petals, and heart-shaped bouquets everywhere.

The game will appeal to those in love, but hardcore slot machine fans will also find some things in it to appreciate: its Mystery Symbols can turn into any other symbol on the reels, and its free spins will come with a generous Multiplier Trail.

Castle Builder 2

Castle Builder is one of the most complex and challenging video slot machines ever released. In it, players needed to gather building materials to build a castle, then choose a suitor for the princess moving in to receive a reward. The game will get a sequel this February—Castle Builder 2 will be revealed at this year’s ICE Totally Gaming by developer Rabcat Gambling and distributor Microgaming. Unfortunately, this is as much as there is to know about the game—yet judging by the first one, it will most likely be spectacular!

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