3 architectural trends in Toronto

Exciting Architectural Trends in Toronto, Ontario

The world of architecture is large and constantly evolving. If you blink, you may miss some major developments in the field. If you’re interested in architectural design in in Toronto, Ontario, it can help to take note of popular and emerging trends of all varieties. You may just discover something that strikes your fancy. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to design something in Cabbagetown or anywhere else in this bustling metropolis, knowledge of current trends can go a long way!

1. The Flat Roof Phenomenon

Flat roofs have been popular in the GTA for a long time now.

The Toronto based company are local experts for flat roof installation and repair, so click on over to their site if you’re interested in the technical aspect of flat roofs or getting a rate for your upcoming roofing project. Flat roofs have actually been gaining more and more traction in recent years, in keeping with the move away from Victorian style gabled houses towards the clean lines of modernism. Roofs that are flat can do a lot for properties, since they offer a broad assortment of benefits: flat roofs tend to be a lot more budget-friendly, and if you want to save a significant sum of money on roof installation, you should consider taking the flat route. These roofs give people access to ample space below and building them doesn’t usually take a lot of time. These things all help contribute to markedly lower costs and these roofs even offer safety advantages since there’s no slope to slip off of.

2. Going Back to the Basics

Architecture in Toronto these days is all about going back to the basics. Architects are taking a “no frills” approach to design. They’re steering clear of excess in all sorts of ways, and large folding glass walls are becoming more and more common in Canadian architecture lately as well. People are building folding glass walls that give them access to sizable decks that can be designed above a flat roofed house. These make great architectural features for all kinds of households and are particularly beneficial for people who do a lot of entertaining during the warmer summer months.

3. Large Buildings Are the Wave of the Future

Large buildings are the wave of the future in Toronto’s architectural community. People are becoming more and more interested in housing structures that can accommodate numerous different families at the same exact time (attached housing). These kinds of structures can help people save significant amounts of money on both cooling and heating. Other efficiency features that are gaining popularity all throughout Toronto include triple glazed windows and heat recovery ventilation systems. Tripled glazed windows are on the rise, largely on account of the fact that many believe these types of windows are actually going to be residential staples in the near future.

Pay Attention to Your Surroundings

If you’re designing a home you can call your own in Cabbagetown or anywhere else in the city, it can be a good idea to pay attention to your surroundings. Being attentive to architectural trends is one of the best and speediest ways to keep on top of developing and applying existing architectural trends.