Millennials drive iGaming revolution

Millennials will soon make up more than 50% of potential iGaming customers.

Millennials will soon make up more than 50% of potential iGaming customers. © Kornilovdream | Dreamstime Stock Photos

The warning signs that millennials would soon take over the gambling world were very glaring. However, a lot of industry players chose to disregard those warnings. Farhad Manjoo of the New York Times once said, “Yet there’s a glaring problem with these and other efforts to go after the younger among us: Millennials aren’t real.”

Fast forward from those times that Farhad Manjoo passed his comments about millennials and one will be amazed at how things have panned out. The outcome of events even led to Vallery Bollier, co-founder of OulalaGames, being adjudged the ICE Prophet for 2017. Vallery’s award comes as a result of his pinpoint predictions about the future of the gambling industry. In a quote by Vallery Bollier on Online Casino Reports, he said, “It is high time for the iGaming industry to adapt to millennials who will soon make up more than 50% of the potential customers.”

Vallery saw this millennials revolution coming long before it even happened but industry players consoled themselves with the words of Farhad Manjoo and others thinking such a take-over won’t happen. The sad truth today is that it is either industry players get bold enough and become an integral part of the revolution and survive or become obsolete in no time.

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It is never far-fetched to conclude that the iGaming industry is just ready to be swept away by millennials. Being brave enough to take the necessary steps towards providing millennials with all that they want is a sure way for the iGaming industry to cross over into the new age of casino gambling. Those within the gambling industry who may decide to follow the advice from people like Farhad Manjoo do so at their own peril.

This is due to the fact that there is nothing that anyone can do to prevent the iGaming industry from millennials takeover. The only right thing to do is for them to join the millennials bandwagon and survive or reject the revolution and fall into oblivion.

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