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Funding the cost of community media is a hot topic these days. You can become a patron of local news in Toronto and get involved in the local journalism movement via a sponsorship of our content on

Your sponsorship becomes a part of the content that you are supporting so your credit (image, link, message to readers) remain live on our site (indexed, linked) for as long as the article and site remain online. is an independent community news site covering a highly focused area of Downtown Toronto including Bathurst Quay, Cabbagetown, Corktown, the Distillery District (Gooderham and Worts), the Garden District, Harbourfront (Waterfront), Queen East, Queens Quay, the St. Lawrence Neighbourhood, Riverside, Leslieville, Toronto Island, West Don Lands, Canary District, Portlands, CityPlace, Southcore, the Financial District, the Entertainment District and more.

Your name or brand will be linked to the coverage topic. It’s one way to show your support for the local initiatives we are covering. You could even choose to sponsor a “beat” like regular coverage of communities of faith or monthly meeting coverage for a specific community organization. It’s up to you.

We’re still not cool but we are the most reliable independent community news source in the core communities. And we’ve got great online readership statistics—especially for a site that doesn’t rely on food porn or cute kitten pictures to attract pageviews and clicks.

We produced a print edition each month for 20 years (that’s a lot of commuity news stories) but had to cease production in November 2016 when the costs of printing and postage outstripped what we could raise with local advertising sales. Since then we’ve revamped the web site in order to continue to cover our neighbourhoods. What can we say? We love local news and we love writing about Downtown Toronto residents, small businesses, inventors, musicians … you get it.

Now that our business model has changed, we have an opportunity to ask individuals and business owners to sponsor our writers and articles vs. running a traditional ad. That way the focus can stay on timely and local content production. And maybe someday we can return to print.

While we are not incorporated as a non-profit, we have been subsidizing the paper from very limited personal means for quite a while. Would you join us? Please consider a content sponsorship.

  • If you like, at the end of the article (and inside the content frame) that you have sponsored we can include a “Thank You” message with a link to your site, profile, etc. This would be part of the content and would not be an ad.
  • You may also opt to sponsor an existing article on our site — we’ve got a long history and while some of it is old news, some of the articles still see a lot of traffic.

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We offer traditional online advertising as well.

Our media kit is here and includes up-to-date information about user metrics and site visits via Google Analytics, Alexa and Quantcast. If you are a Downtown Toronto small business owner and/or want to reach Downtown Toronto readers, our Analytics can show you that your brand and message will reach those advertising targets.

Email or call (416) 929-0011 for more information or to book an ad.

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